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May, 2019


The College Placement Program is a system to solely help players reach their goals to play in college. This program is also to help people realize it doesn’t matter where or what league you play in, college soccer is possible! The main essentials which clubs are just not doing anymore is actually contacting college coaches on behalf of their players.

The modern day thought is that the name of a league will get you in college. That’s just simply not accurate and a very expensive chance to take. College coaches absolutely do not care where you play, what alphabet league or new made up leagues you are playing in.  I know this as I’ve had many conversations with college coaches. The bottom line is if they watch you, like you and you and fit the needs of their program, you have a better chance.

Whatever level your are (ECNL, National League, NPL, SCCL or Athena A or B), it does not matter. When choosing a team or club, you need to ask yourself one question. Is my coach going to reach out to colleges on my behalf? This program is solely focused on this aspect. Look at your previous teams and ask yourself how much interest was brought to me or any of my teammates by my coach or club? For 90% of you, there was very little, if any at all and most paid a ton of money for it.

We have fallen into a sad situation where coaches have become comfortable being over paid for doing minimal work on behalf of the players. I have had the privilege of finding offers for four (4) Athena B players, based on  making calls to four (4) college coaches.  This proved my theory and now I believe in my approach more than ever. Good players are in every league. Players need to be serious, train hard, take care of their bodies and school work.  The rest should be on coaches to work with you on college desires. Getting players playing college is the number one objective in this program.  We’re a nonprofit, so padding our pockets is not the goal, you the player are!